Custom Wood Sign Sizes


4 board sign

Our custom wood sign boards are 24" long. Individual sign designs vary from 2-5 boards. The overall measurements for each size are as follows:
2 board signs : 24" x 7"
3 board signs : 24" x 10.5"
4 board signs : 24" x 14"
5 board signs : 24" x 17.5"
8 board mega signs : 24" x 28"
Our tool carts are stocked with six stain colors for you to choose from as the base for your custom sign. Due to the natural qualities of wood, final stain color may vary slightly.

Stain Options

We stock a variety of acrylic paint colors but you are always welcome to mix a custom color to get just the right results. Google can help you determine what base colors to mix to get the color you are looking for. When considering paint selection we encourage you to keep in mind your sign design as well as your stain color. Dark stains typically need light paint colors (high contrast) in order to achieve the best results. Sign designs that have small or thin lettering also require high contrast paint.

Paint Options


Pattern Options

We now have a selection of pattern stencils available for use during workshops. These optional patterns can add a bit of flair to the larger elements of your signs.

Custom Designs

In addition to hundreds of standard designs, many of which include personalization, you can also select the custom design option for many of our projects. The design fee includes an email consultation with the designer, an initial design proof, and design adjustments. After registering for a custom design, please email your ideas and inspiration to the email address shown. Please remember that we respect copyrighted work and can't make an exact duplicate of something you may have seen elsewhere.

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