Farmhouse Table Workshop

Next date: TBD

Location: Sawdust Savvy Workshop, 324 South Main St., Ste. 7, Stillwater, MN


Level of Difficulty: Anyone can complete this project!


Cost: $179 for 2-session workshop (workshop fee does not include supplies)


Tools/Supplies Used: Participant must have a drill.  Power drill, hand sander, Kreg Jig, Wood Stain, Polyurethane.


Workshop Description: The solid wood Farmhouse Dining Room Table is a Sawdust Savvy custom design that measures 85" long by 38" wide (length and width can be customized to fit your space).  Built from a base of 4x4 and 2x4s, and finished in 2x8 and 2x10s with a decorative breadboard overhang, this sturdy table will meet the needs of every family. The table can be finished in any technique you desire - the workshop will cover stain and polyurethane application techniques.


Session 1: Introduction, review steps, receive supply/cut List, how to buy wood, intro to building techniques

Session 2: Building the table base, building the tabletop, troubleshooting, finishing techniques


Please note: this workshop series will walk you through the steps and allow for hands-on learning, and you will take those skills with you and build your table at home.  Participants will receive their detailed supply list at the first workshop, and then go buy the supplies before the next session.  Supplies are not included in the workshop fee (supply fees are approximately $160).  Some steps in the building process require an additional person (to help hold pieces in place while you screw them together).


ALL participants must have their own power drill.  If you do not own a power drill and cannot borrow one, purchasing a power drill will add around $100 to your supply fees. We have our favorite tools, and you can learn more about them or purchase them here.  Some tools will be available to borrow for a 24-hour period of time on a first-come, first-served basis.  Assistance from Sawdust Savvy will be available throughout the building process.





What is the total cost?

In total, this project will cost approximately $340.  The workshop registration fee is $179, and the supplies cost around $160 give or take.  You will buy the supplies on your own, they are not supplied by Sawdust Savvy.


Do I have to come to both of the workshops?

Yes and no.  This workshop consists of 2 separate sessions on 2 separate dates.  We HIGHLY encourage you to attend both sessions; however, you will be given all of the directions at the first workshop so if you're feeling ambitious and can go it alone, we won't make you come back for session 2.  Please note: unless you attend both sessions, you forfeit your right to ask us for assistance if something goes haywire.  If you have a legitimate conflict for one session, we will try to work with you to make up the material, if possible.  Contact us, if so.


Do we make our table at the workshop?

No.  The group will together assemble a "prototype" table so that you can get hands-on experience with the building process.  You will then build your own table at home after purchasing your wood and having it cut to length at a lumberyard.  Taking this workshop allows you to choose your timeline for building the table - to make it when it works for you.  We recommend building your table in a garage or unfinished basement.


Can I really do this?

Yes!  We will give you very detailed plans for every step of the process, in addition to the hands-on experience of building in our workshop.  We are available for consultation throughout the process - we haven't met a problem we couldn't solve!

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Stillwater, MN

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