Have you ever been booed?  It's a great way to spread the Halloween spirit!

Spread the BOO!

Here's how:

1. Pick a local household - friends, neighbors, or someone you think could use some cheer - and create a small Boo Basket for them.  See our list of creative items below to include in your basket.

2. Print out our "We've Been Booed" sign and directions, and place in the Boo Basket.

3. Surprise your friends by leaving the Boo Basket anonymously at their front door.  Try to be sneaky about it so they don't know who it came from!

4. Watch from afar, if you can, to see the joy on their face when they open their door!

The fun part about "booing" someone is that they are instructed to keep it going.  Soon it will make it's way around your whole neighborhood!

1. Halloween candy

2. Glow sticks

3. Homemade Halloween-themed treats (be     careful about food allergies!)

4. Halloween decor

5. Mini pumpkins or gourds

6. Halloween-themed kids movies

7. Bubbles

8. Small toys (the dollar section has a     huge assortment right now!)

9. Halloween coloring/activity books

10.Halloween-themed cups or napkins

Fun Boo Basket Items:

Print option A or B for your basket:

October 31, 2018.png
October 31, 2018 (1).png

Then, print directions for your basket:

October 31, 2018 (2).png

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